Unlocking investment that fuels long-term growth and development

We work in markets that value commitment and meaningful investment. PCG clients are differentiated by their desire to positively contribute to the growth and development of their markets.

Leveraging our networks, we provide our clients direct access into new sectors and countries, guiding their market entry strategy with unique insights and expert advice. Helping clients navigate complex legal and regulatory frameworks, we find opportunities, investors or mandates that are closely aligned with their interests and commercial expectations.

We carefully adopt an idiosyncratic approach to our network of GCC stakeholders across the public and private sectors, honed by over 10 years of localised experience – covering sovereign wealth funds, state owned enterprises, family offices, banks and independent funds; informed by regular contact, multiple touch points and internal divisional mapping.

Our track record gives us unique insights on a case-by-case basis of budget cycles, allocation patterns, live verticals of interest, due diligence processes, hurdle rates and KPIs, so we are able to optimise the timing and messaging of investors seeking long-term partnerships in the Gulf region, across capital formation and co-investment opportunities.

We emphasise a collaborative approach, underpinned by a deep understanding of regional cultural sensitivities, and regular contact milestones to build enduring trust – ensuring our clients are prioritised with key decision-makers and board-level allocators.

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