Creating long-term capital partnership opportunities for investors seeking a meaningful impact

PCG provides strategic counsel for international investment funds regarding capital partnership and asset collaboration opportunities in the Gulf, establishing and nurturing relationships on their behalf with regional LPs and policymakers.

The company exclusively works with strategies that it sees as resonating with local investment appetites and offering genuine value add to the region. In the current fundraising environment, it is imperative to differentiate an offering when approaching investors in the region. To this effect, PCG develops roadmaps for its clients grounded in a long-term strategic partnership mentality, aligning fundraisers with regional objectives and investments trends. These are carefully sequenced processes that commonly involve preliminary market testing, roadshows, participation at key government-organised and private networking events and roundtables, knowledge-sharing and mentorship programmes.

With an excellent track record of 3rd party placement, direct investment and a broad range of alternative investment opportunities, PCG are uniquely placed to deliver comprehensive solutions for our partners.

PCG assists fund managers with localising their offering to ensure it resonates most strongly with regional decision makers and demonstrates a long-term partnership mentality.  Utilising subject-matter expertise and networks, our strategies incorporate local decision-maker priorities, meaningful relationship building exercises, and an understanding of regional investment appetites, PCG affords its clients the best chance of engagement and success with family offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds and other institutional investors.

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