Below are some example that showcase the spectrum of our work:

Advising UHNWI’s and supporting the sectors of the future


PCG was approached by a sustainable space exploration firm seeking equity investment, partnerships and business development opportunities in the Gulf. Drawing on extensive networks within GCC and UK family offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds and other institutional investors, we harnessed our understanding of respective investment appetites and policy imperatives, to identify and facilitate appropriate introductions for the company. A series of visits to a Gulf state began with a meeting with one of the state’s most influential non-Royal Family members; with the enterprise’s vision placed in the most appropriate context, support was given to the project and high-level introductions were made to the most senior partner stakeholders.

PCG has worked with many such UHNWI individuals and family offices who sought to establish themselves as leaders in sector across the Gulf. What sets our clients apart is their desire to become long-term contributors and partners to the markets in which they invest.

Forming relationships and a presence grounded in values and a deep understanding of the cultural and development goals of the region, our clients become trusted and respected partners, recognised for their substantive contribution and collaboration.

Market entry for a European multinational aerospace company


PCG was tasked by one of Europe’s largest aerospace companies to assist with market entry in a Gulf state. Deploying subject-matter expertise, extensive senior networks and contextual knowledge, PCG was able to provide the client with a unique understanding of the relevant commercial and political landscape and helped develop a successful go-to-market strategy. Central to this was PCG’s work in helping refine the client’s pitch, by identifying the appropriate angles that resonated with the strongest local policy initiatives and interests, and securing meetings with the highest-level stakeholders possible.

We have replicated this success with several companies across a variety of sectors, including the tech, sustainability, energy transition, financial services, charity and cultural sectors. From an S&P 500 data analytics company to an R&D space tech start-up, our offerings are grounded in a depth of cultural and contextual understanding that enable us to operate across many sectors and industries.

Strategic counsel for a sustainability-led infrastructure fund’s capital formation team


PCG was mandated by a European energy transition alternative investment manager to assist with engagement with the GCC’s investment landscape. Drawing on extensive networks with Gulf family offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds and other regional institutional investors, and an understanding of respective investment appetites and criteria, PCG identified and facilitated appropriate introductions for the company which supported the fund’s foundational capital raising in the region.

Imperative to the continued success of this work has been the building of long-term relationships, by demonstrating a strategic value-add to local investors and translating the funds’ pitch to resonate most strongly with local appetite and policy imperatives. Within this process there has been careful sequencing of the roadmap to establish and consistently reinforce the fund’s unique value proposition and resonance with regional LPs and stakeholders.

Pre-transaction due diligence on Gulf shipping company


A private equity firm engaged PCG for pre-transactional due diligence, seeking information on a shipping company and the wealthy but lesser-known Gulf family that owned it. Focusing on possible reputational damage and sources of wealth, PCG utilised its political and commercial networks within the state and with neighbouring trade partners to conduct source enquiry with 6 individuals close to the family or associates commercially engaged with it. Based on corroboration from these sources and OSINT, PCG identified one minor hazard for reputational damage. This allowed the PE firm to proceed with the transaction after establishing mitigation procedures.

Advising Government and the Public Sector


For ten years, PCG acted as advisors to a Gulf Foreign Ministry and three successive Ambassadors to the UK, overseeing diplomatic engagement at the highest level with the government, the business community and the Royal Family. We advised and helped spearhead cooperation in key policy areas such as energy, defence, commerce and cultural initiatives.

PCG was also enlisted with enhancing the capabilities and structuring of other various Ministries and Central Banks, through the matching of policy leaders with their former respective counterparts. PCG has also previously acted as advisor to Royal Family Members from Gulf states, former defence chiefs, a variety of major family offices, and a hereditary peer (one of the UK’s biggest landowners) engaged in the Gulf on charitable initiatives.

Highly experienced in working with government and with a global network of private sector leaders, PCG regularly facilitates engagement between international investors, public entities and institutional investors. Working with quasi-government entities and major institutional investors, we have facilitated joint partnerships that have positively delivered on national and investment priorities.

By bringing together like-minded leaders with a shared commitment to excellence and positive impact investment, we have improved outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders, unlocking incredible opportunities across the EMEA.

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